Starting Monday 4th Sept

Every Monday at 10:30am

Step up to the Millennium Course with Oli Tucker.

Find out how to take fewer putts, improve your course management, chip and pitch it closer, lower your score and meet other players.

The 1st Monday of the month he’ll take you out on the Millennium Course for a playing lesson. On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday, he’ll meet you in the Regency room for a coffee and a quick chat before seeing you all off the 1st Tee on the Academy Course.

The “On Course” lesson cost just £15 per person, whilst all other Mondays are FREE.

Open to all Members and Privilege card holders, no matter what your ability.

Want to find out more? Just turn up to one of the sessions or ring the shop and ask to speak to Oli on 0208 393 8400.


Just imagine, no more lost balls!