What George and Dave should be doing for us

Time for change

We’ve had a miserable Winter, but as a friend of mine is always reminding me, if you want good weather, don’t live in England. That seems to be particularly true the last couple of winters when if it hasn’t been raining it’s been snowing.

The government seems completely tied up with the European referendum at the moment when there are some really simple things it could do to help everyone.

At this point you may think this is about to turn into a blog about VAT, which the government is giving some serious consideration to reducing for all of golf, now that the member owned clubs have won their case for a VAT exemption. Whilst this topic has attracted many column inches I suggest there are two much easier steps that could help golf.

Firstly the government should move the introduction of British Summer Time to the beginning of March. The United States and Canada move their clocks on the second Sunday in March and as a minimum we should match them. Moving the first Sunday in March would be even better as dawn the last week in March is before 6am; daylight that golfers could readily use at the end of the day to play after work.

The added benefit of an earlier move would be to reduce power consumption and hence help hard-working families to keep electricity costs down as lighting up time would be an hour later.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol

Secondly Easter should be on the same weekend every year and I would suggest that could be the first weekend in April. Combined with the move of British Summer Time, Easter would always fall after the clocks have gone forward, thus giving golfers more time to play in the longer evenings over the Easter weekend. Being a little later gives us a better chance of good weather for Easter and having seen the forecast for this weekend, it couldn’t be any worse!

Having Easter the first weekend in April also paves the way beautifully for the Masters the second weekend in April which always helps to get golfers fired up for the upcoming season. It’s not just golf that would benefit, all outdoor sports would welcome the change and more daylight would bring a smile to everyone’s face. It is the proverbial something for nothing, unlike the budget…..

So come on George, forget Brexit and bashing poor old Jeremy Corbyn. Do something simple and useful for our nation.

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